Pimfa forum examines ESG, diversity and communication


The Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) hosted its 2020 Financial Adviser Forum at Farrer & Co, in London this week with the 100 delegates discussing retirement, managing risks and client communications, intergenerational wealth, and ESG.

The Association reports that Ryan Medlock, of Royal London, explained the future of ESG, the growing demand pool for sustainable investment alongside the key ESG regulatory and legislative changes being introduced for ESG. He stated that the 170 proposed EU regulatory measures were indicative of the pace of change on the issue and its development within the industry. 

Thomas Becket and Rory McPherson, of Psigma, discussed how to manage risks in challenging economic environments. “We are now in an era of the lowest returns with the highest risk,” he said, explaining the shifts in economic dynamics, growing and changing interests in investments and providing insights on how the advice community can meet challenges such as population shrinkage, accumulation of debt, and flat interest rates.

Also at the forum, Ian Woodhouse, of Orbium, shared his thoughts on ‘the future of the adviser and the increasing importance of client communication’, how traditional advice models are evolving, and disruptions and mega-trends that are driving new solutions and service models for future generations such as Gen Z and X – who by 2030 will hold 50 per cent of the capital in the UK.

PIMFA CEO, Liz Field says: “As we look to the future of the sector we must consider all areas that impact it, such as ensuring it is a desirable career option for future employees for all. In 2017, we launched our Member’s Manifesto, which highlighted the importance of access and to develop thriving markets, for us to be able to successfully reach these goals we much ensure that we’re diverse and inclusive, and reflective for the society. 

“We’re also pleased to announce our intention to work with our members on two key areas; increasing inclusive recruitment and improving recruitment and career opportunities for women and girls. Diversity and inclusion are key components for success in the future for client engagement and retention, and we are committed to creating and supporting industry initiatives that encourage and improve D&I within the sector.”

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