AlphaCentric launches LifeSci Healthcare Fund focused on biotech and healthcare sectors

AlphaCentric has launched the AlphaCentric LifeSci Healthcare Fund (LYFIX), a new mutual fund will focus on investing in biotech and healthcare equities. 

The fund draws on expertise of more than 20 PhDs and MDs and the scientific and investment backgrounds of the portfolio management team to identify companies with groundbreaking scientific research that the team believes can achieve the Fund’s investment objective of long-term capital appreciation. The Fund is sub-advised by LifeSci Fund Management, a research-driven investment bank and asset manager with deep domain expertise in life sciences.

LYFIX’s is designed to outperform other funds in its sector by leveraging this unique combination of scientific and investment experience to invest in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. The Fund’s investment strategy focuses on science-driven biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that address high, unmet medical needs. Equity positions are concentrated on the following categories: biotech and pharmaceutical, health care facilities and services and medical equipment and device industries.

The portfolio is managed by Mark Charest, PhD. A former practicing molecular chemist and inventor on eight drug patents turned Wall Street trader, Charest has spent more than a decade investing in healthcare. He received a PhD and MS in chemistry and chemical biology from Harvard University and was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. His background provides a specialized knowledge and acute ability to assess investment opportunities in this sector.
“Capital flowing into the healthcare and biotech sectors has exploded, boosted by promising advances in genomics and other scientific breakthroughs,” says Mark Kamies, co-founder of AlphaCentric. “The tremendous opportunity and challenge for investors is to figure out which companies possess truly game changing research, products and services that will result in strong stock performance. When new science and biotechnology are introduced to the market, it takes a specialised knowledge to assess its future and viability. We are tapping such expertise with Mark Charest and the LifeSci team, and are proud to offer their expertise and this focused strategy to investors.”