UBS partners with clients to design new financial services iPhone app

UBS Wealth Management USA has launched an entirely redesigned UBS Financial Services iPhone app (”the app”) in close collaboration with UBS clients and financial advisors. 

The new app is designed to help clients gain a more complete picture of their total wealth, and get insights and research in new ways through their mobile device.

“At UBS, we’re proud to give clients an all-new experience that reflects their immediate and future financial needs and goals,” says Kraleigh Woodford, Head of Digital Client Experience at UBS Wealth Management USA.

The app, which was developed in collaboration with Deloitte, focuses on asking important, real-life questions, to shape a personalised user experience for clients: What are you passionate about? Who are the people you care about most? What do you really want to do with your wealth and life?

Clients uncover tailored insights that help them visualize their financial journey in new ways. The app also encourages clients to have more informed and enriched conversations with their UBS Financial Advisor to help them reach their personal financial goals.

“At Deloitte Digital, we understand that taking a human-first approach to design enables deeper and more impactful engagements,” says Gordon Smith, US Digital Wealth Management Leader at Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “We are proud to have collaborated with UBS to create an award-winning digital experience that looks beyond account balances to get to the heart of what clients care about most. By doing so, UBS is able to provide a more personalised and holistic experience that enhances their clients' financial futures.”

“To design an individualised experience for each client, we worked closely with our clients and financial advisors as part of the design process,” adds Woodford. “These efforts enabled us to create a slate of unified, digital experiences centred around our clients. We’re presenting new features to enable clients to have deeper conversations and help them fulfil their own financial goals.”