BLACKCLOAK launches cybersecurity platform for HNW clients/C-Suite execs

BLACKCLOAK, providers of Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy protection to high-net-worth individuals and C-Suite executives, has launched a new Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform.  

BLACKCLOAK's new platform brings together its centralised threat management capabilities, privacy hardening, and cybersecurity protection into one product suite.  

"The release of the BLACKCLOAK Platform provides our clients insight into their digital lives and allows the team to provide the around-the-clock cybersecurity protection they need," says CEO & founder Dr Chris Pierson. 

Dave McKinley, Chief Technology Officer, says: "When we think about our customers and the products we develop to protect them and their family, we want to ensure ease of use, communication, protection and above all delight.  The cybersecurity experience for these clients has traditionally been non-existent or mixed and we are changing that."  

As cybersecurity attacks migrate to persons of high-net-worth, family offices and executives, BLACKCLOAK is there to protect them in a seamless manner that continues to grow as the threats change.