E*TRADE launches tools to help investors build personalised portfolios

E*TRADE Financial Corporation has launched a series of new tools with low barriers to entry that help customers diversify their portfolio.

With just USD500, investors can choose a no-transaction-fee mutual fund portfolio based on their tolerance for risk. Customers can set up recurring deposits to their account according to their schedule, making investing a routine.

E*TRADE says Baby Boomer investors are in search of ways to generate income—especially as they enter retirement. Now they can easily filter for non-proprietary, income-generating ETFs and mutual funds built with dividend-paying stocks or interest-bearing bonds. These funds are on the E*TRADE All-Star list, which undergo a rigorous review process by the Company’s Investment Strategy team.

Investors looking to align their investments with their interests can now leverage two additional thematic screeners. The Technology Pacesetter theme surfaces hand-picked ETFs focused on tech-forward companies creating new products, while the Rising Economy theme centres on exposure to countries with rapidly developing economies.

“The days of cookie-cutter solutions for investors are gone—by leveraging best-of-the-web digital tools, we can deliver meaningful and confidence-building experiences for customers across various life stages and levels of financial sophistication,” says Rich Messina, Managing Director of Financial Product Management at E*TRADE Financial. “Many are hamstrung to get started in their investing careers and one major roadblock is finding financial tools that are easy to use and in plain English. By giving today’s investors the resources they need to consistently save, even if it’s just a little at a time, they are taking meaningful steps to build their financial future.”