Global ETF launches 05-12.03.20

This week’s new ETF launches include two bond-focused iShares funds, one providing access to emerging markets corporate bonds and the other to US Corporate bonds. Elsewhere, First Trust listed a cloud computing UCITS ETF on the Italian Stock Exchange, while Exchange Traded Concepts partnered with Qraft Technologies to debut an AI-powered fund offering access to dividend-paying US companies…

BlackRock launches new iShares emerging markets corporate bonds ETF on Xetra
Invesco’s new ETF offers similar profile to S&P 500 but with improved ESG score
New BNP Paribas Easy ETF on Xetra focuses on European property companies and listed REITs
Exchange Traded Concepts Partners with Qraft Technologies to launch new high dividend AI-powered ETF
BlackRock launches new sustainable US corporate bonds ETF on Xetra
First Trust lists Cloud Computing UCITS ETF on the Italian Stock Exchange

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