WiseAlpha Calls on financial community to tackle money anxiety

UK-based digital bond market WiseAlpha has launched a new social media campaign in a bid to put financial wellness on the agenda and get Britain talking about its emotional relationship with money. 

With anxiety over money one of the most significant drivers of stress and a deterrent to our overall wellbeing WiseAlpha is throwing down the gauntlet and calling on the financial community and social media users everywhere to share their top tips for financial wellness.

On the run up to Financial Wellness Day on 28 March, WiseAlpha wants as many people as possible to record a video message on ‘what does financial wellness means to you?’. This video can be 10 seconds long or 1 minute long - it is up to you! The videos aim to inspire, motivate, help and motivate, forwarding on support to everyone in the community. Everyone can plug in to the conversation and connect with the hashtag #FWD.  
Lizzie Dixon, Head of Communities at WiseAlpha says: “The core mission of WiseAlpha is to empower and build the information customers have about financial choices so it's crucial  for us to get everybody talking. These are challenging times so we know now more than ever it's time to keep chipping away at society’s last big taboo: money. We share so many aspects of our lives on social media. We instagram our brunch, we show off the clothes we buy but sharing personal money matters is still a huge stumbling block for millions. Talking about money can leave us feeling vulnerable and exposed but by sharing what helps us each of us feel money confident we can tackle financial anxiety and build greater confidence in our finances and the financial choices we make everyday.”