Entreda offers free suite of work-from-home cybersecurity tools to support wealth managers during coronavirus crisis

Entreda, a developer of integrated cybersecurity software and solutions for the wealth management industry, is making its Endpoint Monitoring and Remediation suite of solutions available to all financial advisers and wealth management firms that are already using the company’s services, free of charge for the one month.

Endpoint Monitoring and Remediation is a comprehensive suite of tools and services for use specifically by broker-dealers, RIAs and their affiliated financial advisors to bolster their cyber defences while working with residential internet services. The offer is part of Entreda’s commitment to support industry-wide coronavirus pandemic response efforts that involve transitioning to a work-from-home model.

Sid Yenamandra, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Entreda, says: “With financial advisors and other wealth management professionals overwhelmingly working from home as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, each broker-dealer and RIA firm’s ability to protect confidential data is only as strong as the weakest link in their remote work chain. 

"Recognising the heightened risk of cyber breaches when people are working under residential quality Internet connectivity, together with our commitment to supporting the health and safety of financial advisors and other wealth management professionals, Entreda is providing our Endpoint Monitoring and Remediation application on a complementary first month basis to the entire industry. With this award-winning suite of cybersecurity tools, financial advisors who are working from home can do so with the confidence that – regardless of the different residential networks they are using – their data will be safe.”
Entreda’s Endpoint Monitoring and Remediation offer comes as FINRA has advised member firms that, while they may be focused on business resiliency as well as the health and safety of individuals, they should also take extra precautions to protect against cyberattacks that exploit potentially vulnerable residential networks being utilised by work-from-home financial advisors.
Yenamandra says: “Entreda is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the regions of the country most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. We can speak with firsthand experience about how important it is for a business to operate securely while its employees are working remotely.

"That’s why firms and advisors who avail themselves of our free cybersecurity solutions are under no obligation whatsoever to extend services beyond the first month. During this time of disruption and anxiety, wealth management firms, their financial advisors and their clients have enough worries. Adjusting to the new normal in terms of cybersecurity is crucially important, and making one of our flagship products available on a free basis throughout the industry is not just a great way to support the industry’s pandemic response efforts – It’s the right thing to do.”