Style Analytics offers portfolio analysis for free

Portfolio analysis

Factor and analytical tool provider Style Analytics is offering its equity factor performance reports and a flash portfolio factor analysis free of charge for three months, in a move designed to help all investors navigate today’s volatile markets.

Style Analytics writes that the industry is grappling with how to manage equity portfolio risk while positioning portfolios for current turbulent markets. Style Analytics will now help any investor - asset managers, asset owners, consultants and wealth advisers – by giving them a complementary snap analysis of their portfolios’ factor and ESG exposures, and will make its monthly equity factor performance reports available to all industry participants over the next three months.

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of Style Analytics, says: “As an equity investor, your portfolio may now be inadvertently skewed to unintended factors because both prices and underlying company fundamentals have changed so much in the past month. What was a Quality focused portfolio may today be unintentionally tilted toward Value. Or what was a Momentum portfolio may now be tilted toward Growth. Every investor must have an understanding of which factors are playing on their portfolio. This is where Style Analytics, and its ESG partner Sustainalytics, comes in.

“We’ll provide a one-time in-depth analysis of portfolio exposure to equity factors and ESG scores including an assessment of how this has changed in recent months. And we’re offering to equip managers and asset owners with the data they need to accurately reposition their portfolios.
“These are tough times for managers and investors. Our factor performance reports and flash portfolio analyses are part of the solution. We are offering these tools for free for three months to help market participants navigate these difficult times.”

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