Chaikin Analytics launches new ETF investment research platform for advisers

Financial research provider Chaikin Analytics has launched PortfolioWise, a new platform offering proprietary, forward-looking ETF ratings. 

With increasing market volatility incited by the COVID-19 pandemic, PortfolioWise helps financial advisors build strong ETF portfolios, thereby enhancing investment outcomes and client engagement.

PortfolioWise uses Chaikin Analytics’ market-tested methodology to provide ETF ratings indicative of expected future performance. Unlike other approaches, the Chaikin methodology uses a combination of the technical characteristics of an ETF and the fundamentals of its underlying holdings to determine its potential to outperform or underperform the market.

The PortfolioWise platform offers a variety of advanced, integrated features enabling advisors to:

• Select and compare ETFs based on ratings, expense ratio, liquidity and other criteria. ETFs are rated from Very Bullish to Very Bearish and, since the ratings are quantitative and fund-family neutral, there is no bias.

• Build effective ETF portfolios meeting various investment strategies, risk tolerances and financial needs.

• Enhance client engagement with integrated visual communications to help clients understand the rationale for portfolio recommendations, changes and ETF selections. The reports and charts are fully compliant and ready for white-label presentation.

• Receive personalised and timely alerts about client portfolios that require attention.

• Stay informed about market shifts and opportunities with market and sector tracking tools.

“As volatility and uncertainty pervade the market, advisors need a resource that cuts through the noise and enables them to identify the best investments for their clients,” says Carlton Neel, CEO of Chaikin Analytics. “At the same time, advisors are under pressure to differentiate themselves versus other traditional advisors as well as robo-advisers. PortfolioWise helps address these issues with its unique methodology, which leads to better investment outcomes and improved client conversations.”