Private Advisor Group posts near-record Q1 AUM increase

Private Advisor Group (PAG) has announced its second highest quarter of new AUM (assets under management) in company history. 

"Successful growth for us is not defined by posting only record AUM, but is a combination of AUM and quality of advisors joining the PAG family. This quarter, we are pleased to report we are continuing to achieve both," says Guy Adami, Director of Advisor Advocacy. "The role of the advisor has become more critical, especially during these challenging times. For advisors who offer comprehensive wealth planning, the conversation shifts from today's market nuances to overall wealth management, which adds a healthy dose of perspective needed during these unprecedented times.

The advisers added during the first quarter span the small-to-large market in AUM, leverage different structures, post different average client sizes and services offered, but the one component they all have in common is they are in a period of significant growth. Successful in their own right, most cited they wanted to partner with a firm that provided the flexibility and ability to grow while maintaining strict oversight on compliance.

"We consistently have discussions with advisors who want to grow their wealth management business and may be constrained at their current organisation," says Pat Sullivan, Managing Director and co-founder, PAG. "Today, clients are expecting a financial advisor who can design a portfolio to progress their goals, but they also want help with generational and estate planning, college savings, insurance, retirement planning – or total family wealth planning. This expertise is needed now more than ever before as we manage through one of the most complex times in our history, and the advisors joining our PAG family are providing that support."