Franklin Templeton Canada launches Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Fund

Franklin Templeton Canada has launched the Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Fund to make it easier for financial advisors and investors to access its popular global investment grade bond ETF in a mutual fund structure. 

The new fund will invest directly in Franklin Liberty Global Aggregate Bond ETF (CAD-Hedged) (FLGA), which provides exposure to government, sovereign and corporate bonds, with a Canadian dollar currency hedge.

"Canadians are searching for yield in this low interest rate environment," says Duane Green, president and CEO, Franklin Templeton Canada. "Our global aggregate bond strategy is focused on providing yield and global diversification that advisors and investors need for their fixed income portfolios, now in either a mutual fund or ETF structure, at a low cost."

Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Fund invests in Franklin Liberty Global Aggregate Bond ETF (CAD-Hedged), which combines top-down macro views and bottom-up analysis to find the best fixed income investment opportunities in the developed and emerging markets. The Franklin Global Aggregate Bond strategy seeks to add value by identifying and exploiting market inefficiencies in debt markets, while employing a disciplined risk management process to protect assets.

The Franklin Global Aggregate Bond strategy is co-managed by Franklin Templeton Fixed Income portfolio managers, including Sonal Desai, CIO, EVP and portfolio manager, and John Beck, director of fixed income for London, SVP and portfolio manager, who draw on the expertise of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income's team of over 145 dedicated investment professionals globally. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income has over USD145 billion in assets under management.

"FLGA has been one of our most successful ETFs," adds Green. "Advisors have been asking for this core global fixed income solution in a mutual fund structure, so we've added it to our actively managed suite of domestic and global fixed income offerings."