Crystal Capital launches free alt investment library for financial advisers

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Crystal Capital Partners has created a free alternative investment content library that helps financial advisers share timely and credible industry insights with their clients, using their brand identity.

"With over 25 years of experience in alternative investments, we are not only poised but also keenly determined to constantly evolve our offering in order to adapt to advisers' needs in the face of an ever-changing landscape," says Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal Capital Partners. "There is an onerous amount of work and expenses associated with creating continuous client-facing educational content — research, copywriting, graphic design, compliance, and more. advisers leverage our in-house team of finance, technology, and marketing professionals and instantly gain access to our alternative investment content library – at no cost to their business."  

Crystal's investing content is designed to help advisers understand and communicate the benefits of the asset class to clients, and simultaneously help advisers increase their brand visibility and build credibility on alternative investments.

Since the launch of the content library, Crystal has published multiple educational campaigns supporting Crystal's community of advisers who span across the United States and Europe and advise over USD100 billion in assets collectively.  

Beyond supporting advisers with their client communications, Crystal helps advisers navigate the entire alternative investment journey. They provide exposure to institutional private equity and hedge funds at low minimums supported by CrystalTools©, the company's proprietary alternative investment software, and a streamlined operational workflow.

CrystalTools includes quantitative analytics, qualitative research, portfolio optimisation technology, liquidity and rebalancing software, and private equity call tracking. Recognising that investing in individual feeder funds is time-consuming and overwhelming, Crystal has simplified the process of subscribing to multiple funds by offering a single one-time electronic subscription document. Clients, in turn, receive a consolidated account statement, audit, and K‑1. Crystal is fully integrated with the major custodial platforms and data aggregators. 

By joining the Crystal advisory network, advisers benefit from a high-touch experienced partner, in tandem with institutional alternative investments, technology, and execution.