Apollon Wealth Management Partners with Chicago-based Podesta Capital Advisors

Apollon Wealth Management, a collaborative and transparent financial planning firm, has taken a minority interest in Chicago-based Podesta Capital Advisors and formed a new partnership allowing Podesta Capital Advisors to utilise Apollon’s full-service financial planning and wealth management platform. 

In addition, the new partnership will enable Apollon to offer its clients access to Podesta’s proprietary stock analysis and investment modeling.

“We are extremely excited about the new partnership with Podesta Capital Advisors. We believe that the combination of Podesta’s extensive money management background in conjunction with Apollon’s full-service financial planning and wealth management platform will take both firms and the client experience to a new level,” says Mike Dolberg, CEO of Apollon.

Podesta Capital Advisors utilises proprietary investment discipline that functions at the intersection of big data sources, cloud computing networks, and artificial intelligence applications. Podesta analyses the earnings of over 12,000 companies to determine which companies meet the required criteria for investment.

“Apollon’s platform will allow us to create back-office and technology efficiencies, so we can spend more time on what we do best – focusing on our proprietary investment modelling and providing full service wealth management solutions to our clients,” says Foley, a capital markets expert with decades of experience in implementing algorithmic, discretionary, and arbitrage strategies on all major global exchanges, who now spearheads Podesta Capital Advisors' stock analysis and investment modelling.

“The decision to bring in Apollon as a strategic investor and partner expands the breadth and depth of our investment offerings and planning solutions, all while improving the overall client experience with best-in-class technology that is a hallmark of Podesta,” says Chris Burke, who has two decades of experience in institutional and personal investment management and leads the business development and management of Podesta Capital Advisors.

Industry veteran, Jeff Bischoff of Old Greenwich Consultants, brought the two firms together.