Golden State Merges of Ideal Life Advisors and Lundqvist Wealth Strategies

Golden State Wealth Management (Golden State), a registered investment advisor, has announced the merger of Ideal Life Advisors and Lundqvist Wealth Strategies. 

Acting as a Golden State DBA, Gabriella Lundqvist and Daniel Poppers of Lundqvist Wealth Strategies came from Edward Jones seeking an independent business model in 2017. Jim den Dulk, prior to forming Ideal Life Advisors, also came from Edward Jones seeking a similar independent business strategy and then later decided to join forces with Golden State.

Den Dulk, first came to Golden State in search of a turnkey asset management platform and RIA support. Upon identifying Golden State would satisfy the needs of his business, he sought out Lundqvist and Poppers. Golden State has been acting as a consultant to both parties and helped facilitate the merger. Both parties have known each other for 14 years and credit their mutual passion for helping people reach their goals as the key to their success.

“The three of us have an unsurpassed dedication to our clients and are looking forward to expanding our reach in helping investors navigate the market no matter the volatility of our economy. We are excited to join forces and I appreciate the vitality, enthusiasm and new energy that Gabriella and Daniel bring to the company,” says den Dulk, Wealth Advisor and Partner at Ideal Life Advisors.

“Our RIA provides an ease of transition that seeks to mutually benefits all parties involved,” states John Nahas, Founder and President of Golden State. “We are proud of the efforts we have made during this unprecedented health and economic crisis and contribute our success to its seamless infrastructure.”

The merger transaction is complete, with den Dulk remaining in active participation alongside Lundqvist and Poppers.

“Daniel and I are both licensed advisors who enjoy providing dedicated support to our clients. With this merger, we will now increase our capacity to serve—while still maintaining the same level of service for which we are known,” states Gabriella Lundqvist, CEO and Wealth Advisor at Lundqvist Wealth Strategies.