Arlo Wealth launches Global Investment Account for the international market

Boutique wealth management firm Arlo Wealth has launched a new, flexible investment plan for the international market. 

The Global Investment Account (GIA) provides a flexible option for investors which stands apart from regular or contractual savings plans and which provides customers with access to professional investment management at a low cost.

With the GIA plan, account holders make regular contributions which are then invested and professionally managed by Arlo Wealth. The investments will be equally split into the wealth manager’s Efficient Market Access and Dynamic Market Access portfolios, providing a blend of passively and actively managed investments. The wealth manager will track the performance of these investments, providing regular reviews and valuations for investors. Designed primarily for the international market, the new product has global portability, providing a flexible solution for expatriates who need to move to new locations or who eventually plan to return home.
The GIA also offers a high degree of protection for clients. The Arlo Wealth portfolio is highly diversified to mitigate downside risk and the custodians of the assets operate under strong regulatory frameworks. Based in the UAE, Arlo Wealth’s advice is both authorised and regulated at the highest level by the Securities and Commodities Authority.

Arlo’s Global Investment Account aims to provide a transparent and flexible savings plan for investors. There is full transparency over the fees charged to investors and customers who do not need to commit to a contractual term that often comes with other global savings accounts. This means they can exit the plan at any time, without facing any surprise exit charges when they choose to withdraw funds.
The account is available in three currency denominations – USD, GBP and EUR – with a minimum monthly investment of USD/GBP/EUR1000.
Bob Symons, Private Wealth Director at Arlo Wealth, says: “In a low-interest, low-return environment, investors are focused on maximising their returns and this includes avoiding unnecessary charges that can diminish their funds. At the same time, they want the flexibility that comes with many other financial arrangements such as ISAs, with the ability to withdraw funds as and when they want to help with immediate needs.
“Cost and flexibility were central to the creation of the Global Investment Account. This is an innovative, new option for the international market which is overseen by Arlo Wealth with a blend of diversified, passive and active investment strategies that are professionally managed. Unlike many savings plans available on the international market today, the GIA is without the constraints of exit fees or a minimum contractual investment period. This sets out the GIA as a flexible and transparent solution for expats and other investors who want to make regular contributions into a savings plan for their future.”