Northern Trust launches new wealth research institute

Northern Trust has launched The Northern Trust Institute, a research centre dedicated to providing comprehensive, industry-leading advice to clients across the continuum of family wealth issues. 

The Northern Trust Institute will research and produce timely and actionable insights, informed by data and analytics, and vetted through real world experiences with clients.

“Wealth accumulation is generally accompanied by a variety of planning, financial and familial complexities. These complexities, combined with the unprecedented pace of change, create an urgent need for advice that is grounded in data and backed by proven credibility,” says Steven L Fradkin, Northern Trust’s President of Wealth Management. “The Northern Trust Institute harnesses experience gleaned over 130 years of service to many of the most affluent families in the world and the unmatched expertise of our skilled advisors to help clients address their most complex challenges as they build and optimise their wealth.”

The Northern Trust Institute is comprised of 175 faculty and directors spanning more than 34 diverse areas of expertise including investment management, advisory, fiduciary, banking, family education and governance, philanthropy, tax strategy, business advisory, cyber security and divorce. Our advisors are dedicated to analysing data to establish behavioural patterns and historical outcomes to develop innovative insights and solutions. With a combination of breadth, depth and specialised areas of expertise, Northern Trust is uniquely positioned to leverage its long history of working with affluent individuals and families to deliver the latest actionable strategies for managing wealth. The Northern Trust Institute will serve as the advice engine behind each advisor, providing a comprehensive repository of thought leadership resources to be drawn from when guiding clients.

Coupled with our industry leading approach to Goals Driven Wealth Management, which allows us to provide advice for each client’s unique situation, The Northern Trust Institute will initially focus on specific strategies and advice across four client segments:

• Multigenerational Families – Advice to establish cohesive visions for wealth management across generations by understanding the challenges and establishing a process to bridge generational divides.

• Executives and Retirees – Insights to navigate the unique planning needs executives face at each stage of their careers, from building wealth to managing concentrated positions to planning for transitions.

• Business Owners– Strategies to help business owners meet both company and personal goals by addressing the complexity of having a business as one of their primary sources of wealth.

• Unexpectedly Single – Guidance to navigate a major life change, such as the loss of a spouse or divorce, with tailored insights to help them move forward with confidence.

“The Northern Trust Institute will provide best-in-class strategies and insights informed by the real experiences of our clients,” says Pamela Lucina, Chief Fiduciary Officer and Head of the Trust & Advisory Practice. “Our newly released collection of Modern Trust Provisions is one example of how the Institute draws on our interactions with nearly 50,000 fiduciary clients to provide innovative, actionable solutions. The collection recognises the changing needs of families and helps them align the vision for their wealth with the needs of future generations.”