Mediolanum International Funds launches Global Demographic Opportunities Fund

The European asset management platform of Mediolanum Banking Group, Mediolanum International Funds Ltd (MIFL), has added the Mediolanum Global Demographic Opportunities Fund to its growing Best Brands umbrella multi manager offering.

The fund’s objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation investing in a diversified portfolio of global equity securities through an active multi-manager approach, as MIFL seeks to take advantage of the changing social and demographic developments taking place across the globe. Initially the managers in the fund will be Schroders and Fidelity.

Adopting a bottom-up stock selection approach, the investment strategy will focus on three main themes related to demographic change which the MIFL team have identified as the biggest influencers on the transformation of society. The Silver Economy; New Consumers and Population Growth.

These three themes will lead the fund to gain exposure to:

• Companies and sectors set to benefit from the increased consumption caused by the higher average life expectancy and new needs of people over 60

• ompanies and sectors set to benefit from consumers between the ages of 20 and 40 who’s spending behaviour differs from previous generations

• Companies and sectors at the forefront of developing infrastructure and offering solutions that address the scarcity of resources caused by world population growth

Christophe Jaubert, Chief Investment Officer & Head of Research Multi-management at MIFL, says: “Over the last century, life expectancy across the globe has doubled and the projections for the next 30 years indicate that by 2050 we will reach almost 10 billion people, and that 1 in 5 of us will be over the age of 65. Every sector of the economy is facing dramatic change and the current global pandemic will undoubtedly amplify and accelerate these changes. This fund aims to capitalise on the opportunities created by these new trends in consumption and the changing demographics.”

The fund will be made available to investors in Italy and Spain, through Mediolanum Banking Group Family Bankers, a professional network of financial planners.

The fund is powered by Med³, Mediolanum International Funds proprietary investment process, specifically designed to manage retail investment solutions. The fund is part of Mediolanum Best Brands offering, a UCITS compliant umbrella registered in Dublin.