Nearly three-quarters of Brits want access to a workplace savings scheme

According to a recent survey, 72 per cent of employees want their employers to offer a workplace savings scheme in addition to a pension. And this is not falling on deaf ears. 

With financial wellbeing rising up the corporate agenda, particularly during the coronavirus crisis, employers are realising that they need to help their employees build up a level of financial resilience to protect themselves in the event of unexpected circumstances.

In light of the recent pandemic, 92 per cent of employers would now consider setting up a workplace savings scheme in addition to a pension, where employees can contribute directly from their pay. Helping employees save and invest so they are better prepared to deal with unforeseen situations, such as coronavirus. 
The research, which was conducted by Cushon, a specialist in workplace savings, also looked at other types of financial wellbeing support employers would consider offering versus what employees want to see. 
When it comes to education around saving and investing, the research found that 42 per cent of employers recognised that their employees need more information about the different savings and investment options available. 26 per cent of employers recognise that they need to provide employees with more information on how they can invest and how investing works. And 34 per cent of employers would consider hosting webinars to help show employees how to better manage their finances and savings.
Steve Watson, head of proposition, Cushon, says: “Money worries often come from a change in circumstances and it’s important to have a financial buffer to fall back on should the unexpected happen. The impact of coronavirus on jobs and businesses has already been significant and it’s shown us that having a level of financial resilience is absolutely critical.   
“It’s no surprise that so many employees are looking to their employers for support in times like these. Our research also found that 87 per cent of employers say worries about finances have a negative effect on an employee’s performance at work, so it makes sense that healthy savings habits should be fostered through the workplace. 
“Having a diverse workforce means that everyone’s financial priorities are different – they could be saving for their first home, managing debt or putting money away for retirement. Offering a workplace savings scheme, where employees can contribute directly from payroll, helps make the scheme accessible to everyone, no matter their age, earnings and circumstance.”