Fiduciary Trust International rolls out new digital vault for secure document sharing

Digital vault

Fiduciary Trust International, a global wealth manager and wholly-owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton, has introduced a new “digital vault” for encrypted document-sharing. 

Implemented in partnership with cloud content management specialist Box, the digital vault is Fiduciary Trust International’s latest digital solution to improve the wealth management experience. 
The digital vault allows Fiduciary Trust International advisors and clients to securely exchange important documents, such as account statements, deeds, estate and financial plans, tax filings, trusts, and wills, within an encrypted content portal. The vault supports two-way sharing of documents and delivers notifications to both advisors and clients when content is uploaded. In addition, Fiduciary Trust International’s digital vault utilises a higher level of encryption that is not available through email servers.
“Now more than ever, cutting-edge technology solutions are essential for creating an easy, smooth experience for clients in the cloud,” says Rod Sayegh, head of digital strategy for Fiduciary Trust International. “Our centralised vault for encrypted document management strengthens engagement between advisors and clients. The innovative tools we recently introduced have come at just the right time to enhance our supportive, end-to-end digital ecosystem.”
The digital vault can be accessed through Fiduciary Trust International’s client website and mobile app.
Fiduciary Trust International also recently rolled out an electronic signature capability, which has been adopted by many clients over the past several months.
“We understand the importance of bringing clients and their families peace of mind during all market conditions,” says John M Dowd, chief executive officer of Fiduciary Trust International. “Even under lockdown amidst a global pandemic, we continue to develop cloud-based, integrated solutions which facilitate more meaningful engagement between our advisors and clients, and enable us to demonstrate greater value for multiple generations of clients.”

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