Global ETF launches 30.07-06.08.20

In another busy week for new ETF launches, both HSBC GAM and Krane Funds brought carbon-focused products to market, the first a fund offering access to low CO2 investment opportunities and the second an ETF benchmarked to IHS Markit's Global Carbon Index. Elsewhere, TrueMark launched its second structured outcome ETF, Horizons ETFs debuted a corporate class emerging markets fund and both Global X and Derfiance ETFs were ‘guided by the science’ with the launch of a ‘junior’ biotech fund and an ETF focused on telemedicine and digital health, respectively. Both US government and and corporate bonds got a look in too, this week, with new funds from Amundi and DWS.

HSBC GAM launches new sustainable investments ETF on Xetra

Horizons ETFs launches corporate class Emerging Markets ETF

Amundi launches short-term US government bonds ETF on Xetra

TrueMark launches second structured outcome ETF

Defiance ETFs launches Junior Biotechnology ETF

DWS adds short-duration corporate bond ETF to ESG product range

Global X ETFs releases new Telemedicine & Digital Health ETF tracking ARTIS-based Solactive Index

Krane Funds launches KFA Global Carbon ETF

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