AHR Private Wealth appoints new Chief Investment Officer

AHR Private Wealth has appointed Iain Ramsey as its new global Chief Investment Officer. Ramsey joins AHR Private Wealth with a strong technical ability and a proven track record in improving portfolio efficiency. 

Ramsey will oversee the AHR’s investment strategy, with the simple but impactful aim of reducing risk, improving client returns and decreasing costs. 

Ramsey's career started as a discretionary fund manager in the UK, before being appointed as the CIO at a Global Investment Advisory business, holding responsibility for investment strategy for their offices in The Middle East, the US & Europe.
Iain Ramsey, CIO of AHR Private Wealth, says: “I’m delighted to be joining AHR Private Wealth. I am passionate about achieving the best possible investment outcomes for clients and I firmly believe that managing investments to the highest regulatory standards plays a big part in this. This is a belief that is shared by the team at AHR Private Wealth. A strong focus on risk management, performance and driving cost efficiencies will ensure that client outcomes remain at the core of our investment proposition.”