Are advisers even remotely compliant?


By Achi Lewis, EMEA Director, NetMotion – We have all become painfully familiar with the notion of working from home (WFH) or remote working because of Coronavirus restrictions. The professional services sector has not been immune to this ‘new normal’ either and firms/advisers have had to quickly alter their day-to-day working practices. 

This new working landscape throws up a host of new challenges, whilst firms look for ways to ensure their employees can work exactly as they have always done. Critically, they need to safeguard client data, make it secure and they must absolutely be compliant. 
A vital area for any professional services organisation is compliance. Failure to adhere to compliance regulations can work out to be costly, both from the punitive damages levied by the relevant regulatory body or the reputational damage that your firm could end up suffering from. It is critical, therefore, that remote working does not result in a host of compliance issues for your organisation. Keeping your client data secure should remain a top-priority for any firm. And it should be possible to do so whilst also allowing your employees to access internal systems and applications from anywhere, on any network, without fear of compromise.
Recent news from the world of finance has thrown a spotlight on various tools designed to help protect firms to meet compliance standards. For example, facial recognition software that can log how long employees are engaging with their screens - in order to prevent any unexplained, long spells of absence and to mimic the strict regulatory requirements that say, traders are subjected to under normal work conditions. After all, with the volume of finance workers now WFH, there are valid concerns surrounding the ability to monitor any potential leak of inside information.

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