Laffer Tengler Investments launches Women’s wealth initiative


Wealth management firm Laffer Tengler Investments (Laffer Tengler) has launched its new Women & Wealth initiative, an inclusive programme designed to inspire and inform females to confidently pursue their best financial future through education, resources and networking opportunities dedicated to their financial empowerment. 

“We are excited to announce the launch of this initiative because it is critically important for all women to be active in their family’s wealth management conversation,” says Nancy Tengler, Chief Investment Officer of Laffer Tengler and author of The Women’s Guide To Successful Investing. “At some point in her life virtually every woman will become responsible for managing her family’s wealth and this is exactly why it’s more important than ever for women to be more engaged in their financial futures.”  

Fern Hailey, Regional Director of Laffer Tengler, says: “Our goal is to empower more women to take further ownership of their personal wealth. Through this initiative, Laffer Tengler is dedicated to financial education for our clients, teams, and our communities.”  
The Women & Wealth initiative will include resources, events, and individual client meetings with the primary goal of demystifying investment management.