TipRanks and Markets.com introduce quant investing to retail investors

TipRanks has partnered with Markets.com to make quantitative investing available to retail investors.

The broker is the first to integrate TipRanks' Quantitative Strategy Builder onto its platform. The cutting-edge tool opens up the world of financial algorithm technology, which is usually only available to banks and hedge funds.

The quant strategies developed by TipRanks give Markets.com clients access to automated stock portfolios, without the need for coding or quant investing knowledge.

Using the Quant Strategy Builder, investors can create and back test portfolios in three easy steps.  Real-time notifications and regular rebalancing ensure investors are on top of performance and can easily manage their investments.

The Quant Strategy Builder is the newest addition to Markets.com which already partners with TipRanks to offer advanced research based on big data such as the Analyst Forecast Center, hedge fund activity, news analysis, and more. All experts giving financial advice are measured and ranked so investors get data-driven insights.

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO of TipRanks, says: "I'm delighted to expand our partnership with Markets.com. With the launch of our Quantitative Strategy Builder on their platform, their clients have access to a ground-breaking investment product that offers a new way to invest. Like all our products, it is easy to use and levels the playing field for investors."

Joe Rundle, CEO of Markets.com, says: "We couldn't be happier with this partnership and are very excited about what it means for our growing retail investor community. Thanks to TipRanks, our quantitative-based portfolio builder lets retail investors tap into the kind of technology and data that's used by the biggest banks and hedge funds to maximise returns."