FIDx & Envestnet | MoneyGuide make annuities available directly from financial plans

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FIDx, a product-agnostic platform that connects insurance solutions with wealth management platforms and other providers, has formed a strategic partnership with financial planning software provider Envestnet | MoneyGuide that gives insurance-licensed financial professionals the capability to plan, research, propose, and manage annuity products from within MoneyGuide. 

Financial advisers who use MoneyGuide software will now be able to seamlessly implement annuity strategies modelled in a client’s financial plan through the FIDx platform.

This partnership supports FIDx’s mission to expand the distribution of annuities, which provide financial advisers with the income and protection strategies that may fit a client’s needs. For MoneyGuide, users of its MoneyGuidePro and MoneyGuideElite software now have the ability to offer solutions designed to protect and guarantee retirement income within individualised client plans.

“The strategically aligned partnership between FIDx and MoneyGuide empowers advisors to identify and act on income gaps their clients may face, as well as research, compare, open, and manage annuities as part of their planning approach,” says Rich Romano, Chief Executive Officer at FIDx. “FIDx continues to broaden access to annuities and meet firms and advisors wherever they choose to do business. Through integration with platforms that advisors use daily, such as MoneyGuide, we reduce technology fatigue and give everyone access to income and protection solutions for their clients.” 

MoneyGuide provides financial professionals with a comprehensive financial planning software package that focuses on identifying and reaching personally defined goals. FIDx provides unified access to a range of annuities from industry leading insurance carriers.

“Protecting a financial plan with various income and protection strategies can be important to reaching one’s retirement goals and achieving financial wellness,” says Tony Leal, President of Envestnet | MoneyGuide. “Our tools and solutions, such as our Income Planning feature, empower advisors to address this issue with a holistic approach, and provide a simple breakdown to clients of the gap that may exist between their expected retirement income and their essential expenses. This partnership with FIDx now gives those advisors the ability to bring those conversations one step forward, from hypothetical to reality, in that they now have an option to access a range of annuity products from leading carriers while working with a client to build their financial plan.”