One Seven launches 7-Tool Advisor wealth adviser solution

One Seven, a registered investment adviser and comprehensive business management platform for financial advisers, has launched 7-Tool Advisor, a new self-development and practice management solution for growth-minded advisors. 

Whether partnered with One Seven or operating an unaffiliated practice, 7-Tool Advisor equips financial advisors with seven solutions to help them stay focused on their core competencies while enhancing their practices with a dynamic, customisable service platform.

Todd Resnick, President of One Seven, partnered with Ronald Gross, President & CEO of MGO Inc, Richard Gross, Director of Sales & Marketing of MGO Inc, and Adam H Blumenthal, Managing Director of College Funding Evolution to bring 7-Tool Advisor to life. One Seven and MGO, Inc are both USD1 billion RIAs, and College Funding Evolution has over 75 advisors who produce over USD150 million in total life insurance premiums. The leadership team combines over 80 years of experience in a variety of finance, business development, and management areas. 

"7-Tool Advisor not only empowers advisors with the ability to expand their businesses, but it also makes their lives easier," says Richard Gross. "Advisors can bring in internal experts to deliver solutions to their clients. But by outsourcing to our experts, advisors can become a general manager of their book of business and simplify their lives and business operations."

The seven solutions are about more than opening new revenue streams and increasing profitability, they are about liberating advisors from the stress, complexity and onerous time demands traditionally synonymous with operating a comprehensive practice. Through the following solutions, 7-Tool Advisor helps financial advisers seamlessly build and operate the practices of their dreams:

Practice Support
Advantage 360 – 401k Solution
Insurance Platform
Personal Professional Development
Investment Management
Financial Planning
Marketing/Business Development

"Over the summer, I was at my son's baseball game and I began thinking about a five-tool baseball player; a player that can really dominate across every aspect of the game," says Resnick. "I brought this idea back to my team and we decided that tools are actually qualities which make you an elite advisor and from there, we created the 7-Tool Advisor."