HSBC Private Banking raises record USD1.6bn in alt investments so far in 2020

HSBC Private Banking has raised more than USD1.6 billion of private client funding for alternative investments globally from January to end August 2020 across a broad range of product solutions including hedge funds, private equity, private credit and a private REIT strategy. 

Despite Covid-19, this is an increase on 2019’s full-year figure of USD1.2 billion.
Over the course of 2020, HSBC Private Banking has offered eligible clients a diverse mix of alternative solutions and seen the number of clients investing in alternatives up by 30 per cent on 2019.
Henry Lee, Global Head of Alternatives, HSBC Private Banking, says: “Over the past few years we have seen the growth of private markets investments as an alternative source of funding to public markets, as well as the lines between public and private becoming less defined. We have responded by leveraging our ability to identify and provide access to the best investment practitioners and increased the number of opportunities, asset class types and investment strategies for our private banking clients.

“In an area where performance disparities between the good and the average are so high, coupled with the illiquidity premium to be had versus public markets, a well-thought out and researched alternative investments portfolio can deliver great financial value to suitable clients.”
HSBC Private Banking has been offering alternative investments for over 30 years and works with leading alternative asset managers, including HSBC Global Asset Management² to develop innovative investment solutions for its clients. HSBC Private Banking is able to leverage the capabilities of the wider HSBC Group, providing its clients with the opportunity to invest in hard to access products.

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