Accelerate introduces OneChoice Alternative Model Portfolio

Accelerate Financial Technologies (Accelerate) has launched the OneChoice Alternative Model Portfolio, which aims to provide a simple and efficient way to attain exposure to a diversified sleeve of alternative investment strategies to complement core portfolio holdings.

“We are excited to continue to bring essential innovation to the market. In 2019, we launched the first hedge fund and private equity ETFs. In 2020, we are introducing the first alternative model portfolio,” says Accelerate CEO Julian Klymochko. “OneChoice was designed for advisers and portfolio managers to help lower client portfolio risk through additional diversification and increase efficiency through the automation of portfolio construction, due diligence and implementation.”

The OneChoice Alternative Model Portfolio targets an 8 per cent annualised volatility with low correlation to traditional stock and bond portfolios by allocating to alternative asset classes including:

Absolute Return
Private Credit
Real Assets
Alternative Currencies
Private Equity
Alternative Equity

“With recent record-high stock market volatility and rock-bottom bond yields, an allocation to only stocks and bonds may no longer be sufficient to provide the returns and diversification needed to meet long-term financial goals. OneChoice is the portfolio solution to help advisers augment traditional portfolios with a diversified sleeve of alternative strategies and save thousands of hours on portfolio construction, due diligence and implementation with the simplicity of just one choice.”