SEI launches new investor tax savings report for independent advisers

SEI has launched a new Estimated Taxes Saved report for independent financial advisers. 

Offered by Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI, the investor report provides a snapshot of estimated taxes saved through automated tax loss harvesting and reporting of the most recent business day's data. Each report is specific to individual client accounts employing a SEI Tax-Managed ETF Strategy or tax overlay management across equity portfolios in SEI's Managed Account Solutions program. The report helps the independent financial advisors have more timely and relevant conversations with clients about their estimated tax savings.

Independent financial advisors now have the ability to run an automated report across a variety of time periods, including the prior month, quarter, year or year-to-date. The Estimated Taxes Saved report highlights:

"Harnessing technology to not only enable tax-efficient investments, but then to highlight your business' value through automated reporting is vital for advisors—especially given the market volatility we've witnessed this year," says Kevin Crowe, Head of Product Development for Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI. "Our Estimated Taxes Saved report clearly illustrates proactive tax management results that can better position advisors to deepen existing client relationships and attract higher-net-worth investors."

For close to three decades, SEI has offered a lineup of investment strategies designed to optimise investors' after-tax returns and enhanced technology solutions to independent financial advisors. SEI's Tax-Managed ETF Strategies and tax overlay management seek to opportunistically harvest tax losses during periods of market volatility. In addition, tax overlay management can coordinate buys and sells across managers, implement manager and asset allocation changes and apply rebalancing policies to the overall portfolio—all in a tax-efficient manner using individual securities.