Whitman Asset Management launches Private Client Investment Management Division with new hires

Whitman Asset Management Limited (Whitman) has launched a new Private Client Investment Management division, which will offer clients a traditional multi-asset portfolio management service, focusing on individual client objectives and active management. 

Victoria Stevenson has joined from Quilter Cheviot to incept this business with the help of Michael Pallett, a veteran of the investment management industry. Whitman will be looking to add further experienced private client investment managers in the months to come.

Whitman now has two core business divisions. The newly formed Private Client Investment Management division and, the Smaller Companies Fund Management division, which was established in 2018 by Christopher Pease, CIO. 
In July 2020 The Whitman Group divested Whitman Asset Management, and the management team of Whitman together with a group of external private investors bought out 100 per cent of the equity to form a wholly independent asset management firm. Whitman is regulated and approved by the FCA as an asset manager. During 2020 Whitman has raised fresh capital into the business to support the firm’s growth plans and evolved its branding, the features of which can be viewed on the new website - www.whitman.co.uk. This reflects the forward-looking nature and growth focus of the business and, above all, the firm’s absolute commitment to looking after clients’ investments.
Overseeing these activities will be Whitman’s newly appointed Chief Executive, Araminta Le Flufy (née Lowes) subject to approval from the FCA.  

Le Flufy was previously Head of Smaller Companies at Whitman Howard and a significant shareholder in The Whitman Group. 

Le Flufy says: “Given the economic turmoil caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and the market uncertainties this has created, we are hugely energised by the firm’s developments this year.  The total support of all our clients and the confidence shown by our external investors partnering with us has been exceptional. The Private Client Investment Management business has been in our planning for several months and we are delighted to be onboarding Victoria and Michael who share our vision and enthusiasm about what we are building. We believe our clients’ smaller companies and AIM IHT portfolios are strongly positioned for the environment ahead and we confidently plan to expand this division underpinned by our experienced investment team led by Christopher Pease and Joshua Northrop.”