Tegra118 expands front office digital solutions powered by Finantix

Tegra118, a provider of wealth and asset management technology, has expanded its front office capabilities to strengthen its robust wealth tech platform for advisers and asset managers. 

Significant new offerings include a modern, visual-rich, omni-channel front office digital solution for wealth advisors and artificial intelligence powered portfolio construction tools for asset managers. Access to a client portal and a mobile app, collaboration hub, digitally connected forms, compliant meeting preparation, content management, advisor dashboard, alerts, notifications and more will elevate and enrich productivity and efficiency for wealth advisors.

Building on Tegra118’s acquisition of RetireUp and recently announced partnership with Wealth Access, the complement of AI-driven technology powered by Finantix will increase advisor engagement and personalisation, productivity and onboarding, relationship management, and portfolio construction and recommendations. Finantix is a market leader in providing trusted intelligent technology to the global financial industry and is a portfolio company of specialist private equity firm Motive Partners as well.

“Tegra118 continues to focus on solutions that add value to the front office experience and deepen the advisor-investor connection to help our clients grow their business,” says Cheryl Nash, CEO, Tegra118. “We are excited about delivering smarter, AI-driven analytics and tools to advisors so they can focus on client-facing activities that provide a more personalised, collaborative, and holistic wealth view. Our new offering will connect front office digital solutions to Tegra118’s robust middle and back office capabilities creating a single, integrated experience.”

Finantix CEO Christine Ciriani adds: “Together with Tegra118, we will accelerate the digitalisation of wealth and asset management, while empowering advisors to more efficiently and effectively serve their clients with a combined, comprehensive and innovative product portfolio. Leveraging our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and next-generation technologies, we will provide relevant and personalised advice, content and collaboration. The partnership further expands our global footprint with financial institutions across North America.”

“This collaboration between Tegra118 and Finantix, two Motive Partners portfolio companies, amplifies our commitment to building the wealthtech leader and investing in innovative technology solutions to serve the ever-evolving needs of today’s financial advisors and investors,” says Alvi Abuaf, Tegra118 Board Member and Motive Partners Industry Partner. “We will seek to continue to integrate our front-to-back office platform to give our clients and their advisors unparalleled frictionless experiences.”