New initiative aims to generate USD10bn annually to tackle climate crisis

Climate change

The Global Returns Project, a new climate initiative co-founded by two ex-financiers, has launched a campaign to fund the world’s most effective not-for-profit climate solutions at incredible scale.

Recognising individuals’ desire to make a positive impact on the planet, the Global Returns Project is calling on pioneering individuals to Reinvest in Earth by committing 0.25 per cent of their savings and investments each year to organisations combatting climate change - with the goal of raising a regular annual total of USD10 billion within the next decade.

The organisation is also looking to show financial institutions the importance of offering their clients an easy opportunity to direct more of their savings and investments toward funding not-for-profit climate solutions.  With financial institutions on board, the Global Returns Project claims that if just 3 per cent of people with savings Reinvested in Earth, their target of raising USD10 billion per year could be reached much more quickly.

“Funding not-for-profit climate solutions yields returns just like any other investment, the returns are externalised and shared, but they are real, identifiable, and global,” says Global Returns Project Trustee and ex-fund manager, Yan Swiderski. “Financial institutions are ready and willing to tackle the Climate Crisis. Individuals can help them make this small change which will have a huge effect.”

Committed to abating greenhouse gas emissions on multiple fronts, Reinvestors’ contributions will be donated across chosen partner charities including Ashden, ClientEarth, Global Canopy, Rainforest Trust and Trillion Trees. The Global Returns Project ensures 100 per cent of donated funds go directly to its charity partners, which have been identified through a bespoke selection methodology as the most effective climate solutions globally, addressing problems that have no market solutions.  From preventing deforestation to enacting environmental policies and funding clean-energy innovations, the project’s charity partners contribute to cutting-edge initiatives.

Jasper Judd, Trustee, the Global Returns Project, adds: “Urgent action is needed. We know people want to turn the tide on climate change, and the Global Returns Project gives individuals the chance to make a huge collective impact. We are blurring the line between investment and philanthropy by thinking more broadly about what returns we should be looking for and working with financial institutions to create a new normal. Our first step towards achieving our USD10 billion annual target will be to secure 5,000-plus individuals with savings and investments to ‘Reinvest in Earth’ in 2021”.  

The Global Returns Project is an initiative run by the Climate Crisis Foundation, founded in 2019 by ex-financiers Yan Swiderski and Jasper Judd, when they realised that there was a huge untapped opportunity for people with savings and investments to make a material difference in combatting climate change.