Cy launches optimised ETF portfolios

Cy, a total wealth management platform that begins with simplistic client profiling to generate an optimised solution to their specific benchmarks for loss and required rate of return, has launched machine optimised exchange-traded fund portfolios for targeted loss and outcome. 

This release brings low-cost, more tax-efficient investment options to the value enriched digital wealth management engagement solution for financial advisors.

“The purest essence of Modern Portfolio Theory never mentioned style box investing. It spoke to units of risk will earn you units of return. Our optimisation aims to maximise return for the level of loss you are willing to tolerate. Cy mathematically seeks diversification, non-correlation, and covariance in an effort to compound capital efficiently,” says Matt Schreiber, CEO of WBI Technologies. “That is what we are so excited about with Cy, and we are now doing it in a low-cost, tax-efficient ETF wrapper.”

Cy is an end-to-end enterprise-grade wealth management platform that creates a personalised investment solution optimised to the client’s individual needs in minutes from a universe of over 30,000 investment strategies. Cy illustrates 20 years of historical data illustrating how a recommended portfolio would have performed over two major bear and bull market cycles. For clients in or approaching retirement, Cy models income withdrawals instantaneously and is capable of modelling and onboarding multiple portfolios at one time.

Accounts can be electronically opened via DocuSign, a crucial technology for advisors in the current COVID-19 pandemic business environment. Cy is married to best-in-class BlackDiamond performance reporting. Cy also provides billing and back-office support to advisors to create a scalable end-to-end advisory business solution.

“We feel Cy is an ideal partner for advisors who want to compete effectively in today’s digital financial services landscape,” says Don Schreiber, Jr, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of WBI Technologies and author of Building a World Class Financial Services Business. “Cy was designed to streamline the financial advisor’s business practice, simplify their tech stack, and improve their client investment outcomes. Today’s release is a major step toward achieving the vision I wrote about in the book nearly 20 years ago.”

WBI Investments in partnership with WBI Technologies, the creator of the revolutionary digital wealth-management platform Cy, brings nearly 40 years of wealth management experience to the technology. Financial advisors are central to the enterprise-grade digital wealth management solution in helping the client achieve success. Cy is a platform that supports the advisor and client and gives them sophisticated machine optimised outcome-oriented investment solutions.