Mount Yale launches Alpha Intelligent Strategies

Mount Yale Capital Group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Princeton Fund Advisors has launched AI (Alpha Intelligent) Strategies delivered in SMA and UMA formats. 

AI Strategies are actively managed portfolios that combine Mount Yale’s proven manager research and selection capabilities with big data analytics and powerful machine learning. These strategies, based on Ensemble Active Management (EAM), bring together well-established investment principles with the best tools and techniques from the worlds of artificial intelligence and technology.

Mount Yale has already launched Alpha Intelligent SMAs, and by year-end, anticipates these strategies being available on many of the largest investment platforms. This will result in over 100,000 individual advisors having direct operational access to AI Strategies. Mount Yale also becomes the first firm in the country to announce its intent to launch EAM-based ETFs, with a targeted launch in March or April 2021.

“We believe our investment research, combined with the power of ensemble methods, a machine learning technique used in applications such as Netflix and Google Maps, will enable our clients to participate today in what we believe is the new future of active investment management,” states Greg Anderson, President of Mount Yale. “We are introducing clients to our AI Strategies, and the response has been extremely positive.”

Mount Yale launched four US equity-based Alpha Intelligent portfolios in early 2020, has now expanded the total to six with more in active development. The firm’s first portfolio, a Large Cap Growth strategy, launched in late March 2020.

AI Strategies allow for diversification across various investment styles and market capitalisations. “Our AI Strategies are designed to bring an edge to actively managed portfolios, and we are pleased to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking approach to investing,” according to John Sabre, CEO of Mount Yale.

Paul Prentice, responsible for Enterprise Solutions at Mount Yale, says: “We have at least ten simultaneous conversations ongoing with billion-dollar-plus wealth firms right now, and their excitement level is palpable. Traditional active management has suffered more than $1 trillion in outflows over the past five years for a reason, and our clients are very interested in seeing active strategies that have a statistical expectation of actually outperforming.”