Exchange Data International (EDI) launches the US Dividend Reclassification service

Exchange Data International (EDI) has launched a US Dividend Reclassification service, which can be utilised to create 1099s for clients, as well as being a secondary source to validate the primary provider or as a tool for a client support team to research customer inquiries.

EDI deliver critical information when you need it, direct from the source. The files contain specific income classifications that are needed for accurate and timely income tax reporting for each dividend payable on the security.

Janet Battaglia, Investment Funds Consultant of EDI, says: “EDI’s expertise supports the intense manual collection effort with this content set, thus facilitating the usage by EDI’s clients, of time critical data that can be easily exported into their security master and utilised for income tax reporting.”

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of EDI, adds: “EDI continues to expand its product and service offerings for US securities. Our goal is to cover all North American securities in detail. The US Dividend Reclassification service is another step in that direction.”