Tickeron launches AI trading robots for cryptocurrency markets

Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering trading insights and analysis, has launched a new AI Robots tool for cryptocurrency trading.

This technology is making cryptocurrency trading analysis much more accessible to investors by predicting breakout and target prices, back-testing patterns, and providing other valuable cryptocurrency trading information.

The Crypto AI Robot draws ideas from AI engines to create an established track record in the cryptocurrency market, which includes accurately predicting bitcoin's rally starting on 14 December, 2020. On 14 September, 2020, Tickeron's AIdvisor published a bullish signal for bitcoin, indicating growth with a 82 per cent likelihood. The signal was based on record-breaking volume: 84 per cent of the 65-Day Moving Average. Nine of 11 similar previous cases resulted in a trend up, further strengthening support for this signal.

Another correct prediction was made for ethereum's rally from around USD733 on 2 January to a soaring USD1,200 on 6 January and climbing. Twenty nine monthly bullish predictions with an average 84 per cent confidence were made by the AI Trend Prediction Engine (end-of-day), since 6 December, all of which were confirmed.

"These robots are trading without any human involvement or decision-making. This groundbreaking technology condenses the information we have into a trading recommendation and can make trades for the user," says Sergey Savastiouk, CEO and Founder of Tickeron. "This feature is an exciting culmination of our various tools and technology."