New Refinitiv Wealth Management report highlights growing needs of self-directed and advisory clients

Refinitiv has released the findings of a new Wealth Management report titled ‘The Gold Standard: Redefining Investor Data Needs’, which examines how investors’ trading activities, data needs and digital expectations are likely to evolve in the future.   

The ‘Redefining Investor Data Needs’ report is based on research commissioned by Refinitiv that surveyed 1,030 self-directed and advised mass affluent investors in September 2020, located in nine global financial centres: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and US.
The study finds that self-directed and advisory clients’ needs are rapidly changing. In the future, they will need new data and digital capabilities to take advantage of promising investment opportunities and avoid potential risks. In short, Investors in different regions – whether self-directed or advisory clients – and across all ages want to receive content that can positively influence their investment decisions.

According to the study: 39 per cent of investors do not feel equipped with the data and content to make investment decisions. Wealth management firms should reassess the channels and formats of the content delivered to optimise insights for the current market environment.

Thirty four percent of investors globally are more interested in ESG investing than 6-12 months ago. Enthusiasm for ESG rises to 61 per cent of millennial investors. With greenwashing one possible hurdle, it is important they are empowered with high-quality data to screen out risky opportunities, benchmark companies and customise their impact goals, depending on level of interest.

Forty one per cent of investors more interested in ESG say well governed companies perform better. With the increased focus on company governance made possible by ESG investing, wealth firms will need to empower investors with data that offers transparency, such as specific insights on management teams, shareholders and corporate social responsibility strategies.

Fifty four per cent of investors surveyed agree news analytics would be a game changer when choosing future investments. There is already strong interest in alternative data to explore favoured sector opportunities. The most innovative firms will introduce these non-traditional data sources, which give investors the edge by offering valuable additional context to help them make their investment choices.

Thirty three per cent of those surveyed do not find webinars to be useful. Given the number of perceived virtual gatherings for the foreseeable future, providers should question whether the content, user experience, expert commentary or data underpinning their webinars are falling short – or all of the above.

Joe Mrak, Global Head of Wealth Management, Refinitiv, says: In the face of unprecedented change and uncertainty, the importance of trusted and accurate data has never been greater. Our research shows that investors across the board, whether self-directed or advisory clients, have a growing need for a more comprehensive data offering that spans traditional analysis and non-traditional alternative data. The industry will need to continue advancing in critical areas such as ESG to empower investors to make decisions with confidence.”

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