AdvisorPeak introduces new model portfolios

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AdvisorPeak has added multiple investment model portfolios to its tax-efficient, risk-based trading and rebalancing platform today. Over 900 advisors and wealth management professionals now have access to THOR Financial Technologies' ESG, Global, Individual Stock, and US Models.

THOR provides a technology-driven, proactive investment management engine along with model portfolios that are time and price agnostic. The proprietary technology analyses opportunities and addresses risk across markets 23 hours a day. With every trade defined by analytics, THOR eliminates the contagion of human emotion from investing, bringing science into an industry still heavily reliant on math and outdated fundamentals.
“Advisors are increasingly seeking access to investment strategies and outsourced investment management by proven investment professionals. We’re excited to bring THOR’s models and their analytics approach to investing to our customers,” says Damon Deru, founder and CEO of AdvisorPeak. “2021 is going to be a pivotal year for advisors and wealth managers. They will challenge the status quo of simply accepting the historic inefficiencies found in many wealthtech solutions. Our partnership with THOR is an important part of our drive to expand our growing ecosystem of partners to deliver game changing automation and analytics to benefit our advisors.”
By making partner products directly available within AdvisorPeak, we democratise access to leading investment research and analytic solutions for advisors. This will make it simple for advisors to implement investment strategies for client portfolios that are normally only available to the Wall Street elite.
“The prevailing theories of portfolio design are failing clients on a daily basis. Our technology challenges the complacency that plagues the investment options for today’s advisors and their clients,” added Brad Roth, founder and CIO at THOR. “AdvisorPeak shares a similar mindset when it comes to redefining and modernising the components in an advisor’s toolkit. We’re excited to partner together and help serve as an outsourced CIO and portfolio management system for a number of their advisors.”

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