Over half of retail investors undeterred by recent market volatility, according to new research

Bitcoin volatility

Polling conducted by cryptocurrency platform TotemFi reveals that the confidence of the majority of retail investors (54 per cent) has been unaffected by recent market volatility.

Regarding the recent GameStop situation, 36 per cent of survey participants claimed to have completely lost trust in traditional financial institutions.

Thirty six per cent claimed to trust them a lot less, 21 per cent a bit less, with online 7 per cent saying their level of trust remains the same as before.

Some 41 per cent of participants cited corruption as a major source of concern about traditional, centralised financial institutions.

TotemFi, a newly launched Decentralised Finance (DeFi) prediction platform, today announces the results of a new industry survey, conducted to a group of over 2,000 retail investors and cryptocurrency market participants.

Research shows that the majority of end-investors are unconcerned about the recent volatility in the markets, with 54 per cent stating that their confidence in Bitcoin as a viable investment remains unaffected by it. 42 per cent said that volatility has affected their confidence, and 4 per cent of respondents stated that they were unsure.

TotemFi CEO Jolyon Layard-Horsfall says: “Historically, the run up to March is a very volatile period in cryptocurrency markets. Last March BTC fell by 28.9 per cent, and in March 2018 by 39.9 per cent. However, in all instances the price quickly rebounded, and March corrections are often followed by long bull runs and, frequently, by new all-time-highs. The results of this survey undoubtedly show that investors are aware of these historic trends, and are refusing to let brief stints of volatility shake their confidence in the strong fundamentals and growth potential of BTC.”

The survey went on to ask investors about their opinion of the recent situation with GameStop, with only 7 per cent of respondents stating that it has not led to their trust in traditional financial institutions diminishing in any way. Additionally, survey participants were then asked about their biggest concerns to traditional centralised financial institutions, as well as how much of an individual’s net worth they believe should be held in crypto.

Jolyon Layard-Horsfall, CEO of TotemFi, says: “Industry surveys such as these are incredibly important sources of insight; as an agile, community-driven platform, TotemFi will be adapting to meet the needs and wants of the crypto community in real-time, so that we are able to provide retail investors with the fair, transparent, and seamless market access which they deserve.”

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