Transmission Private targets family offices with new deal flow service

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Transmission Private, a strategic communication agency for successful individuals and their businesses, has launched a new dedicated communications services aimed at helping private investors, family offices, and private equity firms secure competitive deal flow.

The new offering signals Transmission Private’s intention to further cement its position as the go-to communications agency of choice for private investors.

The new proposition will be built around the firm’s blend of services that help private investors enhance their reputations and raise appropriate awareness: strategic advisory support; defining a core differentiated proposition to target investments; ESG and investment purpose development; taking control of an investor's digital footprint; branding and physical collateral generation, and securing appropriate media coverage.

Jordan Greenaway, Managing Director of Transmission Private, says: "The pandemic has unlocked new, highly attractive investment opportunities for private investors globally, especially in the distressed asset space.

"But competition for these investments and turnaround opportunities is fierce. We have seen a groundswell of demand from investors looking to give themselves a competitive advantage, and reputation increasingly makes the difference."

The new offering will be led by Transmission Private's Head of Client Services, Luke Thompson, drawing on the agency's wider team in the City of London. Thompson will also work with the agency's network of banking, investment, legal, and accountancy partners when required.

The new proposition also seeks to fill an important advisory gap in the existing communications marketplace, with private investors increasingly recognising the need for some form of digital or media profile to attract and secure lucrative investment opportunities but, at the same time, not wanting to jeopardise their privacy.

The offering builds on the agency’s recent original research showing that reputation gives investors a powerful competitive edge in accessing investment opportunities. The research found that target investments are looking to work with investors with a public business track record, strong ethics, and some form of public profile.

Luke Thompson, Partner at Transmission Private, adds: "Now is the right time to launch this dedicated offering. Private investors and family offices have a critical role to play in the recovery from the pandemic.

"Private investors have the patient capital to turnaround businesses that are clearly struggling in the downturn, but many are not in the best position to secure the right type of deals.

"This new offering seeks to take private investors from below-the-radar operators to highly credible respected operators. This is about credibility and not publicity."

Greenaway adds: "There is a credibility crisis in the family office and private investment space at the moment. There is no clear way to differentiate serious, credible family offices and private investors from dishonest operators.

"Communicating effectively and building a strong reputation for private investors gives them a clear competitive edge, and will reward them with better financial outcomes."

Transmission Private will further expand its range of expertise and services to private clients over the coming 12 months, leveraging its foundations in media advisory. It existing offering includes public relations, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, public affairs, succession planning, and ESG & sustainability advice.