Advice from friends, family and colleagues plays biggest role in investment decision-making for accredited US investors

New analysis from Block Builders, a news and information platform publishing forecasts and investment news, has revealed that advice from friends, family and colleagues play the biggest role in investment decision-making among accredited US investors, with 24 per cent of such investors ranking such recommendations as their top priority.

Their own analyses came in second, with professional financial advisors in third place. Research from offers a comprehensive summary of further facts surrounding capital market investments. 

As the chart shows, 54.9 per cent of accredited US investors have been significantly more active since the Corona crisis. Only 9.8 per cent have been taking a more passive stance on the stock markets. 

Significant differences emerge when it comes to investments in cryptocurrencies. About 40 per cent of accredited investors hold digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, while the average among the US population is just 6 per cent. 

A look at Germany reveals that younger Germans in particular rate their knowledge of money and capital investments, with 67 per cent of 16- to 25-year-olds considering their own judgement to be good. Among citizens aged 66 and over, the share of those who assess their knowledge as good is just 49 per cent. Since investors that assess their knowledge as good are significantly more willing to take risks, this situation could prove explosive. 

"While one might expect higher-income individuals to be more likely to own shares," comments Block Builders analyst Raphael Lulay, “yet the gap between the wealthy and the average consumer is particularly wide when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Just 6 per cent of US citizens own such digital assets, compared to the roughly 40 per cent of accredited investors, who seem to see great potential in bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.” 

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