Epilogue launches Social Media Will to protect digital legacies

Epilogue, an online estate planning solution in Canada founded by estate planning lawyers, has launched a Social Media Will  a free, online service developed to help people anywhere in the world document their final wishes for their social media accounts and online presence.

The Social Media Will was developed in consultation with Sharon Hartung, one of Canada’s foremost experts in estate planning for digital assets and author of Your Digital Undertaker – Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada.

“For all that is good and convenient about the digital age, it poses real challenges for your estate planning, and eventually for the executor who has the huge responsibility of wrapping up your life,” says Hartung. “One of the worst things you can do is not leave a Will or make one hard to find. The next worst thing is leaving your executor and beneficiaries in the dark about your digital life and digital assets.”

Social media platforms are an extension of ourselves. A digital shoebox, filled with personal photographs, conversations, memories, and more. But according to a survey conducted by Epilogue and Your Digital Undertaker, over 83 per cent of respondents who use social media do not know what will happen to their social media accounts after they pass. Only 8.2 per cent of them report having used legacy planning tools offered by service providers like Facebook and Google.

Epilogue’s new Social Media Will guides people seamlessly through a series of questions to help them document their wishes and facilitate the use of each platform’s pre-planning tools. Then, Epilogue instantly generates a custom Social Media Will that can be shared with their loved ones.

“For hundreds of years, a traditional Last Will and Testament was all that was needed to wrap up someone’s affairs, but that has changed in a significant way,” says Daniel Goldgut, Co-Founder and CEO of Epilogue. “Dying in the digital age means leaving behind a digital legacy. Having a Social Media Will helps someone shape that legacy for themselves.”

Epilogue’s Social Media Will is free and available to everyone, regardless of where they live.