Artnet news launches Artnet News Pro service

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Global art market information specialist Artnet has switched to a partially paywalled model with the launch of Artnet News Pro.

A membership to Artnet News Pro provides members with decision-driving intelligence about the latest developments in the global art market, from exclusive news and data reports to opinion from our acclaimed columnists. Non-members will still be able to read all of Artnet News's indispensable reporting on exhibitions, museums, antiquities, viral crazes, and the places where the art world intersects with politics, pop culture, and style. But they will not gain access to Artnet News Pro's premium market coverage, analysis, and opinion.

Artnet News Editor-in-Chief Andrew Goldstein, says: "As the boutique art business transitions into a supercharged global industry, the art market faces both unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities. We are launching Artnet News Pro to provide collectors, art professionals, and other ambitious art lovers with the tools to navigate this high-stakes terrain through exclusive market news, analysis, opinion, insights from industry insiders, and clear-eyed investigations driven by Artnet's industry-leading price database."

A subscription includes unlimited access to premium Artnet News Pro market coverage and analysis powered by Artnet's unparalleled Price Database; members-only art-market columns every week, including Katya Kazakina's Art Detective, Tim Schneider's The Gray Market, Nate Freeman's Wet Paint, and more; a weekly members-only Artnet News Pro newsletter with original content and insights; a digital copy of the industry-leading biannual Intelligence Report magazine; and invitations to exclusive Artnet News Pro events. Memberships start at USD24.50/month, while a USD240 annual package offers 18 per cent savings over a month-by-month subscription.