Everysk Technologies to provide risk monitoring tech for XP Inc

Everysk Technologies, Inc, an investment technology company providing multi-asset portfolio analytics with data-centric, machine learning techniques, has been selected by XP Inc, technology-driven financial services platform and trusted provider of low-fee financial products and services in Brazil, to provide automated portfolio risk monitoring technology to XP’s institutional asset management business. 

Everysk Portfolio Risk & Automation enables asset managers to instantly establish robust investment risk processes by tapping into Everysk’s expertise and technology. Asset managers are able to identify and mitigate potential investment risks earlier and more accurately with Everysk’s risk monitoring and alert platform. Everysk providesforward-looking stress testing, factor modelling, and risk attribution for multi-asset, multi-currency portfolios covering 90 exchanges, 200,000 global equities, 40 currencies, government and corporate bonds, derivatives, and private assets.   

Everysk technology will be leveraged across multiple asset management units and hundreds of portfolios daily, the companies said. 

“XP takes pride in being a market-leading, technology-focused financial services platform and we are excited to be working with Everysk for solutions in risk management and beyond as part of XP’s commitment to the highest level of innovation and client service,” says Bruno Fonseca, XP Partner, Head of Risk and Capital Management.  “XP’s clients will benefit greatly from the integration of Everysk’s market leading risk monitoring technology, while allowing XP to identify and mitigate investment risks even quicker and more accurately.”  

“XP is a tremendous success story and we are honored that they have selected Everysk to further strengthen their processes in risk management, data management, regulatory requirements, and other critical tasks,” says Allan Brik, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Everysk. “Everysk’s state-of-the art technology and analytics will give XP significant market advantages.”