StoneX Markets LLC launches self-service OTC platform

StoneX Markets LLC, (StoneX Markets) a subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc, has rolled out significant enhancements to its cutting-edge self-service OTC Platforms for commodities trading. These enhancements, coupled with its integration into the StoneX Group ecosystem, collectively provides a single, digitised offering from which to fully access, manage and execute futures and options trading offered through the affiliated FCM, StoneX Financial Inc, as well as access to OTC markets offered through StoneX Markets LLC as a counterparty. 

Through one innovative, digitised platform, clients can now receive market intelligence, risk measurement, scenario analysis and market execution all in one place. 

MyStoneX provides access to the Company’s industry leading Market Intelligence and real time access to futures & options and OTC trades aggregated in one place, as well as the ability to stress test portfolios and model out margin requirements. Additionally, MyStoneX provides an enhanced ability to model out desired risk management strategies and receive automated price indications.  

StoneX Markets’ self-service OTC Platform has been designed to provide direct access to our OTC markets, often considered opaque and complicated to novice investors, making our OTC markets fully accessible through a digital platform.  This platform includes the Company’s proprietary Structured Product Online Calculator (SPOC), Strategy Option Solver (SOS) and Options Calculator (OC).  These products, when combined and integrated within StoneX Markets’ broad range of service offerings, including Market Intelligence, Accumulator Manager, and My StoneX provide a single, digitised self-service OTC Platform. StoneX Markets’ self-service OTC Platform has been developed with a focus on providing transparency to markets that are often considered opaque, so that it can be leveraged by all users of commodity options products. 

Mark Maurer, CEO & President of StoneX Markets, comments: “We’re excited to unveil MyStoneX, one of the most comprehensive and powerful tools on the market for developing and executing risk-based OTC hedging strategies. In addition to providing the industry’s most sophisticated technology offering that can support more than 200 commodity products, MyStoneX addresses an educational gap in the OTC marketplace and brings much needed transparency to over-the-counterproducts. We believe that everyone from the professional trader to the farmer looking to protect his latest crop, deserves to not only understand these products but also feel completely comfortable executing sophisticated risk management strategies. Our self-service OTC platform does just that.”