Tableaux Wealth launches new wealth management practice in Massachusetts

Tableaux Wealth, based in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, has launched a new wealth management practice. 

Matthew Chester, a Certified Financial Planner, will lead the firm as managing partner and principal adviser. He will work closely with Shelley Wojtkowski, director of client services. Before creating Tableaux Wealth, Chester was a senior vice president at RBC Wealth Management where he oversaw approximately USD133 million in assets under management. Trained in both law and finance, Chester brings a dual perspective to his role in translating complicated topics into easy-to-understand advice. 

"I needed to be able to have a business that was flexible and could adapt to best serve clients," says Chester. "Our partner, TruClarity Wealth Advisors, stood out to me because of their ability to customise to my needs and the needs of the clients we serve."

Tableaux Wealth offers a range of services including financial planning, investment management, tax strategies, insurance planning, estate planning, wealth transfer and education services. They strive to develop innovative solutions for clients, taking into account both their values and their financial goals.

"We are honoured to work alongside the Tableaux team and to be a part of their success," says Pamela Stross, president and CEO of TruClarity Wealth Advisors. "It is so fulfilling to see Matt make the leap into the independent space."

TruClarity Wealth Advisors provides proven solutions to ease the transition to independence and business ownership. Advisors are guided through the process to ensure a successful launch and are provided with the resources and structures they need to support themselves post-launch.