Advisors Preferred AUM tops USD3bn

Advisors Preferred, an infrastructure provider for investment advisory firms wishing to create and distribute mutual funds, has announced that its assets under management reached USD3 billion as of 1 June, 2021.

The firm’s assets have more than tripled in the past twelve months, rising from USD890 million on 31 May, 2020, according to Advisors Preferred President Catherine Ayers-Rigsby.
“We can attribute our record growth to the quality of our sub-advisors’ management of the funds, as well as the strength of our collaboration with the investment managers, including supporting a variety of distribution models,” says Ayers-Rigsby. Six of eight Advisors Preferred funds eligible for a Morningstar rating carry Morningstar’s top 5-Star Rating, she says.
Investment advisors can leverage Advisors Preferred distribution relationships with major custodians and independent broker dealers for sales of their mutual funds. The firm offers more than 100 selling agreements.
Mutual funds offered on the Advisors Preferred platform primarily consist of actively-managed strategies intended to help investors manage risk and market volatility. Advisors Preferred assists with product consultation, market intelligence, platform access, distribution, sales reporting, compliance services and advanced trading. The services are designed as turnkey solutions for fund operations and administration, so portfolio managers can focus on investment strategy.
Ayers-Rigsby says many of the Advisors Preferred funds have been experiencing robust inflows as investors look to navigate market uncertainty and optimise upside. For example, investment manager Flexible Plan’s Gold Bullion Strategy Fund (QGLDX) has been attracting investors as a potential hedge against inflation. Unlike many gold funds that invest in metals and mining stocks, the Gold Bullion Strategy Fund seeks to track the daily return of gold bullion as represented by ETFs that hold gold and the gold futures market.
“The strategies of our investment managers are designed for all market types. Their management, and the extent to which investment advisors have embraced our story, continue to drive our success,” says Brian Humphrey, Advisors Preferred director of distribution.
Earlier this year, Advisors Preferred announced the expansion of its mutual fund platform with the addition of five new fund