Vitality launches ESG-focused EnVIRO fund range

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Vitality has launched a new EnVIRO fund range, a ready-made investment solution that integrates environmental, social and governance considerations (ESG), making it easier for advisers to offer their clients a way to invest in a more sustainable future.

The EnVIRO fund range comprises of five funds, each built from underlying index-tracking funds that are diversified across asset classes and focus on sustainable outcomes. The fund range aims to exclude companies that ‘do harm’ such as those in the weapons, tobacco and carbon industries; takes a ‘best in class’ ESG selection approach for equities – investing in companies with above average MSCI ESG scores; and includes ongoing reviews of the holdings and approach to ensure ESG outcomes are optimised. 

This is underpinned by the same rigorous governance that has applied to Vitality’s VIRO fund range over the last three years. In addition, to ensure that the funds remain within their targeted risk profile, the asset allocation is reviewed continuously through daily monitoring and dynamic rebalancing to meet Dynamic Planner’s Gold Standard risk-targeted profiles.

The launch of these funds builds on Vitality’s drive to be a force for good, which it delivers through its ‘Shared Value’ model. The model uses incentives and rewards to drive positive health and investment behaviours and deliver benefits that are good for members, good for Vitality and good for society. Now, through the launch of the EnVIRO fund range, Vitality is not only helping members to enjoy healthier and more financially secure lives, it is also giving them the opportunity to benefit society by investing in a more sustainable future.

The funds will be available as part of VitalityInvest’s retirement solution, as well as their ISA and JISA ranges.

Justin Taurog, Managing Director of VitalityInvest, says: “The launch of the EnVIRO fund range is a landmark moment for VitalityInvest and reflects the increasing appetite from consumers to invest their money in a more sustainable future.

“Vitality has always been a purpose-driven organisation. Through its core purpose – to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives – Vitality has sought to share the value of positive behaviour changes with individuals and society alike.

“Now, with the launch of the EnVIRO fund range, VitalityInvest is taking this one step further – enabling members to make more sustainable choices through our new investment solutions.”

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