Sendero Wealth Management surpasses USD4.4bn in assets managed

Sendero Wealth Management, a private, partner-led wealth management firm in San Antonio announced has surpassed USD4.4 billion in assets under management (AUM). 

Sendero has expanded its reach in recent years, attracting top talent, opening its services to a wider group of investors, and creating new service lines under Sendero Family Enterprise, to address complex client needs.

"We achieved this milestone by remaining true to our core values while evolving to exceed client expectations during changing times," says Sendero CEO Elizabeth Flavin Crawford. "Independence is key to our success because it allows us to move beyond numbers to focus on helping people achieve their dreams and care for their families. We designed this business to serve generations."

In 2017, Sendero expanded its clientele from investors with USD5 million in assets to those with at least USD1 million and above. Sendero also launched several custom services to meet the needs of its growing client base:

Family Office employs expert advisors to offer a spectrum of services ranging from organising a business for sale to real estate services and consolidated investment reporting.

Family Foundations assists families and select institutions in their philanthropic endeavours, removing the burden of administration by providing a turnkey grant management system.

Women & Wealth brings women together for conversation, support, education and empowerment around their finances.

Family Legacy offers families guidance as they tackle often emotional conversations about planning for the future.

"Sendero's growth validates that we are meeting the needs of the individuals, families and institutions we serve by putting people first," says Sendero President Ed Hart. "Throughout the pandemic, we reached out to our clients and community, just to check on their well-being. We had local nonprofits join our weekly webinars to spotlight areas of need. We embraced technology, flexibility and work-life balance, and we are going to harness these tools to make Sendero even stronger."

Sendero is comprised of strategists and global financial experts with diverse and complementary backgrounds. Investment advisors at Sendero average 31 years in the industry. Our staff have an average tenure of nine years with the firm, which was founded in 2008. The organisation's collaborative culture is fuelled by a strong commitment to innovation, employee involvement, and corporate philanthropy.